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Organic Veda Botanic Hair Healing Conditioner gently infuses your hair follicles with a whole lot of potent moringa leaf and 7 Mother Nature organic herbs of aloe vera, amla, tulsi, henna, hibiscus, rose petal, fenugreek concentrated with cold pressed organic virgin oils from moringa, coconut, castor and shea butter. Our All Natural & toxic chemical free, advanced botanic plant based formula give natural shining to your hair, stimulate healthy hair growth and moisturize scalp. It makes your hair thick, smooth, shiny, silky and soft.

Our moringa Botanic Hair Healing Conditioner is kind and gentle to your hair and scalps. The toxic chemicals free, all natural advanced herbs formula perfectly suits even to sensitive skin. The enzymes from different plants stimulate hair growth and help to prevent hair loss. The excellent moisturizing properties combined from the various organic oils and herbs deeply moisturize the hair strands. Using this conditioner and shampoo means you are helping the environment, because you only let the bio-degradable substances in the bottle to go down to the drain, but not the harsh chemicals.

Key Organic Ingredients

moringa 7 herbs hair conditioner ingredients

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