Moringa Benefits

What is Moringa?

In Bible moringa oleifera tree has been mentioned as 'miracle tree' due to its nutritional value. Its use in treatment has been mentioned in Ayurvedha scriptures. In Africa, Philippines, Srilanka and India the rural population have been using tree leaves, flowers and pods in their cuisine.
Moringa 'The Miracle Tree' Most Nutritious Tree on Earth
moringa the miracle tree
The All Natural Essential Nutrition of Moringa
the all natural essential nutrition of moringa
Unique advantage of moringa oleifera tree is that it can be beneficial for digestive, nervous system and cardio vascular system it can regulate the functions of major organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and skin. But only few countries have known the uses of this tree produces. Moringa oleifera leaves extract has been used in clinical trials using rat models. It has been found to remove all urinary proteins and sugars with 15 days of leaf extract treatment. Leaf extract was effective in early phases of liver damage due to high fat diet. High bad fat intake involves increased ß-oxidation of fatty acids and cause lipid peroxidation. Leaf powder/extract can prevent the increase in lipid peroxidation.

Topical application of the leaves of moringa oleifera may possess wound healing properties. This assumed to be due to the anticoagulant properties of the leaf extracts. There appears to be a reduction in post-meal glucose spikes seen with oral ingestion of moringa oleifera which is not due to a stimulation of insulin secretion.

Researchers found that leaf extract can restrain macrophage activation than sulforaphane it can protect against neutrophil related immunosuppression in animal models it was found that is increased antibody levels and immunoglobulins.
Moringa ‘The Miracle Tree’ Most Nutritious Tree on Earth + Amla (Indian Gooseberry) ‘The Heavenly Nectar’ Fruit
moringa and amla benefits


Currently unknown components in the leaves appear to possess somewhat respectable anti-bacterial properties. Moringa leaf extract was found to exhibit antiviral activity against hepatitis B (HBV) than any other herb. The dosage of 30µg/ml still appeared to reduce HBV cccDNA by more than 85%.

The moringa oleifera leaves may have a suppressive effect on the conversion of T4 into active T3 moringa oleifera appears to be able to prevent the oxidative and inflammatory sequelae of diabetic retinopathy from occurring when supplemented over 24 weeks. Intake of more quantity of brassica vegetables can interfere with thyroid function in some patients. On one more study, thyroid function may be a complex issue in cancer patients than many of the herbs. Consuming moringa leaves can be helpful if they are cooked with short cooking time.