Moringa tea benefits

The most important benefits of moringa tea has high levels of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phyto nutrients. This tea has moringa leaves powder as the sole ingredient. It has Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). It can curb off the activity of free radicals. These free radicals are unstable and they attack cells and tissue to become stable. Vitamins A and C act as powerful antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress. As this tea has been formulated with low temperature dried leaf powder, it retains the more nutrients than fresh leaves.

Moringa Oleifera Tea Nutrition

Moringa oleifera leaves increases the activities of antioxidant enzymes and glutathione content. It reduced the levels of thiobarbituric acid-reacting substances (TBARS) significantly. Researchers observed reduction in the level of lipid peroxides showed a decreased tendency of peroxidative damage. This type of damages may increase changes in cell structure and body metabolism. This will result in acute, chronic health conditions and tumors. Your general health will improve when you switch over to herbal teas.

Moringa Leaf Tea Uses

It can regulate insulin secretion and hence prevent or reduce diabetic conditions. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They can remove plagues in arteries and prevent clots. Blood clots result in heart attacks and strokes. It promotes healthy circulatory system and people can shed off anemic conditions also. The moringa leaves contain copper, iron, zinc and vitamin A that are available at the recommended levels for women and children.

Moringa has vitamin D and calcium to provide bone health and prevent osteoporosis. This combination strengthens bones without any side effects. As it increases body metabolism it can burn calories quickly. It’s easy to get rid of belly fat. Regular usage will give the results. Athletes, sportsmen and lactating mothers will get the benefits by using this tea.

As this tea contains least processed moringa leaves, it’s rich in catechin polyphenols. It improves energy levels even though it don not have any caffeine. Researchers found that this tea improves moods and helps to reduce stress levels. This leaves are high in selenium, magnesium that can improve brain health. It helps promote the production of glutathione. It protects brain by increasing serotonin levels. This can improve neuronal health and your mental alertness will improve.

Moringa Herbal Tea Varieties

Organic Veda offers 13 moringa herbal tea flavors to choose from according to your desire. Our unique tea blends have combination of moringa leaves and organic herbs. We have unique thirteen flavors such as original, ginger, lemon, peppermint, green, relax and refreshing, immune, detox and wellness, digestive tea, anti-aging and beauty, tulsi, healthy heart and slim.

Some of the major organic tea ingredients include tulsi, peppermint, amla, chamomile, hibiscus, ashwagandha, green tea, rose petal, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, lemon grass, lemon peel and orange peel etc. All our teas do not contain any synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives. It is free from sulfites, starch, gluten, sugar, parabens and GMO.

Brewing instruction of tea bags

Put one or two tea bags in a tea cup. Pour boiling water into the cup and steep for 3-5 minutes. Add sweetener if desired and serve hot.

Brewing Instruction of Loose Tea

Place one table spoon (3g - 0.10oz) of moringa leaf tea per cup (120ml) in a tea pot. Pour boiling water directly on the tea blend, steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Strain and gently squeeze it to fully release the active ingredients. Add sweetener if desired and serve hot.

Why Should I Buy Organic Veda Drumstick Tea?

Plant produces are hand harvested in the right stage, hygienically low temperature cool dried by single batch wise process to retain nutrients, color, aroma and taste of moringa and other organic herbal ingredients. We procure all ingredients from organic farming and through fair trade farming with local community farmers. It is processed and packed in our manufacturing unit, abiding strict International organic production standards, European Union, certified on USDA and India organic standards.

You can buy our teas from our online shop with free international express shipping for all online orders over $60. We ship our products any country in the world in DHL express mode within short period. If you want to make bulk quantity purchase at special price, contact us to place your bulk wholesale orders. We invite wholesale / distributorship business inquiries from around the world. We also have customized private label supply according to the market requirement.