Moringa Detox and Wellness Tea

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Moringa Detox & Wellness Tea: Experience the complete cleansing & detoxification of mother nature

With all the stresses of a modern busy life style combined with poor diet, drinks and air pollution, it is easy to feel your body is out of balance. ORGANIC VEDA Moringa Detox & Wellness tea is a unique combination of wonderful cleansing herbs blended with high potent moringa leaf which aim is to cleanse your body and speed up body metabolism through detoxification effect. Enjoy the real well being naturally with a cup of this tea that naturally cleanses body out of toxins, other unwanted substances and restore natural balance. The prestigious and powerful herb blend of this tea base with the world's most nutritious miracle tree moringa leaf supports anti-aging and to maintain proper body weight.


Organic Ingredients

moringa detox and wellness tea ingredients

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