Organic Herbal Handmade Soap

Natural handmade soap benefits


Which is Real Soap? Natural Organic Soap Vs Commercial Bar Soaps

Skin allergies caused by toxic chemicals include allergic reactions due to the harsh detergents, parabens and petroleum by product ingredients in commercial bar soaps. Petroleum by products used in the commercial soaps can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can cause skin irritation and allergies. Some of the ingredients such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, are known to create various health issues migraines respiratory illnesses. The chemicals in commercial bar soap can slow down the body’s ability to fight against skin illness. These soaps can delay the healing of cuts and scrape sin the body.

Natural soap is made through saponification of vegetable oils. Skin needs soaps with moisturizing oils that can keep your skin soft and supple. Sensitive skin can suffer a lot due to harsh chemicals in commercial soaps. The cleansing with natural soaps is obtained through the use of natural vegetable oils as cleansing agents.

Why Should I Buy Natural Handmade Soap?

Natural soap contains no harsh chemicals although it will last as long as any commercial soap if the formulation is unique. Handmade soap uses essential oils extracted from plants, roots, flowers, seeds, stems, leaves that soothes eases body tension, and cleans body while providing the essential nutrients.

Natural soap manufacturing process produces naturally occurring glycerin which is natural humectants that pulls moisture from the outside environment bringing it into the skin. It has built in healing properties. Handmade soaps are mild and skin friendly.

People who believe in Mother Nature are keen to identify whether any toxic dyes or flavoring agents are present in the soap. Because it will make the skin dry and irritate skin. Commercial chemical soaps have been proven to harm skin over long periods. Many of the synthetic perfumes or fragrances also interfere and irritate the skin.

Organic Soap Benefits in Skin Care

Organic handmade soap has many health benefits your skin and overall body. It is mild and skin friendly to the people suffering from eczema or sensitive skin. The amount of glycerin found in natural soap is important. In commercial bath soaps, the stripped glycerin gets replaced by synthetic irritating chemicals. Especially when you have skin problems it is high advisable to switch over to natural handmade soaps.

If skin is exposed to irritants and skin barrier gets wrecked and the ability to repair becomes restricted. When the skin barrier is disrupted, moisture leaves the skin and becomes dry and scaly. Allergic reactions include red and scaly areas on the front of elbows and back of knees. Once you are affected by eczema your skin and lesions that may become infected by bacteria or viruses. Whereas natural handmade soap made from pure organic vegetable oils gives moisture and full protection to the skin because it does not contain any of the harmful chemical ingredients.

Natural plant based essential oils that are derived from fresh flower petals, leaves, herbs, fruit peels spices and other fragrant plant parts offer natural benefits. Normally petroleum based waxes, additives are added to commercial bath soaps, and they may not be suitable for gentle skin. Moreover these soaps are not also environmentally friendly also.

Organic Veda Moringa and Virgin Coconut Handmade Soap

Organic Veda is a pioneer manufacturer of moringa and virgin coconut based handmade natural soap. We use the most pure cold pressed virgin moringa oil and cold pressed virgin coconut oil, sesame oil, virgin olive oil, neem oil, and almond oil as base vegetable oils in our handmade soap. These base vegetable oils and herbals we use in our soap are organic certified on USDA NOP, European Union and India organic standards. We take great care to select each of the ingredients used in manufacture of our organic soaps.

We select many ayurvedic beneficial herbs in our formulation. Our handmade soap is made in small batches. It contains pure natural ingredients derived from organic plant resources. The main herbs and ingredients we use in our soaps are certified organic turmeric, lavender, neem, tulsi, aloe vera, cocoa butter, rosemary, coconut milk, rose and shea butter.

Due to high glycerin content derived from the vegetable oils during the cold process soap making, it traps moisture in our skin. Organic Veda handcrafted soaps are free from harsh detergents, sulphates and harmful chemical ingredients found in commercial soaps.

Our herbal handmade soap has natural moisturizing qualities that are missing in many of the commercial bath soaps. We use pure organic herbs and 100% natural essential oils in our formulation. We use cold pressed oils manufactured without any heat or solvents or chemicals in our soap making process.

Our Wholesale and Bulk Supply

As there is increasing awareness about Mother Nature health, people are eager to buy organic handmade soap. Being the direct manufacturers right from fair trade farming, seed production, and oil extraction to soap making, we make bulk, wholesale and customized private label supply of all our soap at lowest price. Now you have direct manufacturing place to buy premium quality original handcrafted soaps made with 100% purity guaranteed organic virgin coconut oil, moringa seed oil, sesame oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, combined with many beneficial Ayurvedic organic herbals from turmeric, lavender, neem, tulsi, aloe vera, rosemary, coconut milk, rose and shea butter, cocoa butters.