Scientists analyzed moringa tree produces through chromatography method. They found that leaves seeds contain unique compounds. It plays active role in mechanisms that help the liver to eliminate these toxins and reverse the damage to liver. Silymarin is a unique flavonoid or molecule found in moringa. This has been shown to reduce the effects of hepatoxins on the liver, improving its elasticity. It was found that moringa capsules protect the liver from the toxic effects of rare earth metal salts such as cerium, indium and praseodymium, which are known to cause the degeneration of the liver.
Moringa tea can promote proper digestion of food to relieve a person from upset stomach. It can regulate excretory function of kidney and liver. This will help our body to stop accumulation of belly fat. Moringa leaves powder causes weight loss, as it has been found to slow down the rate at which sugar gets released into bloodstream for energy. This activity is effective as excess sugar is stored as fat in body, leading to weight gain. In this way, moringa oleifera leaf tea is able to boost energy levels while simultaneously burning fat and promoting weight loss.
Amidst different species of moringa trees, moringa oleifera tree leaves are used in preparation of dried moringa leaf powder, capsules and tea. Researchers studied effect of leaf extract with control placebo groups with user groups. Researchers conducted projects to identify the benefits of this powder towards various acute and chronic health conditions. They analyzed data with rat models and confirmed that diabetes related health issues could be tackled with leaf powder.
In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, moringa oil has been used in perfume manufacture and for skin protection. In Egypt they used this oil in preparing lotions to safeguard the skin from the desert climate. Kings and rich people used this oil as they showed keen interest in their appearance. It has been used in skin treatment for wrinkles and sun damage in unique personal care formulation. This oil was mixed with frankincense gum and ground Cyprus grass extract as inferred from hieroglyphics. Vases of this oil were found inside in the Egyptian pyramids.