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About Organic Veda

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ANCIENT GREENFIELDS PVT LTD (AGF) headquarters and manufacturing based from the southern part of India which is the homeland of a number of Ayurvedic herbs, spices, organic foods and grains for centuries. The company established its imposing beginning with the goal to furnish people with a real healthy lifestyle by manufacturing organic foods, herbals supplements & healthcare products. Right from our certified organic farming to advanced processing methods, the start of art manufacturing facilities and technologies assure that our products retain their maximum level of potency for the highest quality, most effective, pure and natural products available in the market today. 


Our vision is to offer organic products to consumers worldwide from farms that have been designed for efficient Fair returns to farmers and effective support to supply chain network is our unique characteristics.                               


Improving the health and well-being through natural and qualitative products accompanied by Mother Nature. Catalyze market to deliver sustained economic, environmental and social benefits through an expansion of organic products.


At ORGANIC VEDA, we pride ourselves on selling only the best, naturally sourced products. We source our products with extreme scrutiny. Organic Veda was endowed on a passion for quality, value, and vitality. We intend to enhance the quality of people’s lives by putting forward the freshest, most nutrient-dense foods that are produced with uprightness in healthy soils on sustainable certified organic farms. By connecting our customers with organic farms and handling business ethically, we have a positive social impact while making good quality nutrient-dense supplements more accessible to our customers. 


Organic living represents a way of life which is healthy and natural and clean both for the individual as well our environment. When we follow a natural diet, our body is nourished with foods which are free from chemicals fertilization and pesticides. These foods are healthy and safe without any harmful effects

It is essential to protect our surroundings and make sure it is not contaminated with any chemical. We use a methodology which keeps the environment free from pollution. We at ORGANIC VEDA have made it our motto to create products which are entirely safe, organic and natural. We assure not to compromise on the quality of ingredients used in our products. Expert guidance is taken to ensure that the end products are all exceptional unique and of the very best quality. We use production methods which help retain the nutrition of all the ingredients. We solely believe in not using products which damage the environment or undergo chemical processing and extensive heat, as these inherently negate our core belief system of providing a nutritious and healthy lifestyle.