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Cleanse Your Body and Improve Your Health Naturally

Organicveda 100% pure and fresh Barley Grass Powder is obtained from plants that are organically grown in fertile soils of India and harvested just at the right time for optimum nutritional value. Once harvested, it is naturally dried at low temperatures to retain the highest levels of chlorophyll, enzymes, and other health-promoting nutrients. The delicious nutty flavor and versatile health benefits of barley grass powder are well known among health enthusiasts. From help boosting weight loss, improving digestive health, and optimizing heart health, Barley grass powder supplementation is a perfect way to get balanced nutrition and a huge variety of nutrients for optimum health and wellbeing.




  • Detox Your Body Naturally*
  • Help balance alkalinity*
  • Supports healthy digestion*
  • Support healthy weight management*
  • Boost The Immune System*
  • Help regulate blood sugar metabolism alkalinity*
  • Makes you feel Healthier, Stronger And Younger*
  • Improve Your Energy and stamina*
  • Support healthy aging*
  • Helps improve Heart Health*

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Barley grass powder is jam-packed with some of the most powerful nutrients found anywhere. Our modern diets are usually deficient in such essential nutrients. Consuming Barley Grass Powder is an easy way to get a diverse variety of nutrients, including muscle-building proteins, essential amino acids, antioxidants, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, and several vitamins such as beta-carotene.

Barley Grass Powder contains:

  • 30 times more vitamin D3 than cow’s milk
  • Five times more iron and 6.5 times more carotene than spinach
  • 11 times more calcium than in cow’s milk
  • Four times more vitamin B1 than in whole wheat
  • Seven times more Vitamin C than in oranges

Flush Out Toxins and Rejuvenate Your Body

Barley Grass Powder is extremely rich in chlorophyll. It is abundant in some of the most potent nutrients and highly alkaline. Chlorophyll is a compound that produces energy from sunlight. When consumed, it helps increases oxygen levels in the blood and detoxifies the body naturally by removing impurities and toxins. It can effectively bind with the toxins and flush them out right away.  Our nutrient-rich Barley Grass Powder is your all-natural and powerful weapon for protection against cellular damage and radiation.

Optimum Health Starts with Proper Digestion

As a concentrated source of naturally occurring sodium, Barley Powder can do wonders for your digestive health. Sodium is needed to strengthen the stomach lining and required to produce HCL (hydrochloric acid). An adequate amount of HCL in the stomach is essential for the proper digestion of food. What’s more, Barley Powder is abundant in gut-friendly digestive enzymes that remove toxins and aids in the complete digestion of food. Barley grass powder is an abundant source of water-soluble dietary fiber that stimulates the gut tract and treats as well as protects several gastrointestinal issues.

Energize and alkalize your body

Barley grass powder is a comprehensive source of some of the essential nutrients that naturally energize and alkalize your body. Eating a lot of acidic foods can upset the pH balance in your blood.  Organicveda natural and invigorating Barley grass powder are one of the most alkaline foods found in Mother Nature. It is naturally rich in essential alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese – making it one of the most effective superfoods to maintain a healthy pH while protecting your body from a variety of health problems.

Help Regulate Blood Sugar Metabolism

Our high-potency Barley grass powder help regulates blood sugar metabolism naturally by help balancing insulin sensitivity. The potent antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in barley grass powder are responsible for these beneficial effects on blood sugar metabolism.

Restore Your Smoother Looking, Youthful Skin

Barley Grass is naturally rich in Vitamin B complex and chlorophyll. These skin-friendly nutrients help cellular health and rejuvenate aging cells for youthful and glowing skin. It is immensely rich in skin-friendly minerals like selenium that help to improve health, texture, and elasticity of skin naturally. When your skin has better elasticity, you won’t have to deal with skin issues like wrinkles and loose skin. Barley grass powder also improves the health of your skin by counterbalancing the damage caused by environmental factors. Organicveda pure and organic Barley Grass Powder can be your skin caring superfood to keep your skin radiant, healthy, and youthful.

Help Control Your Appetite and Lose Weight Naturally

Barley grass is a rich source of soluble fiber that can make you feel fuller for longer, along with providing you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs. Our premium-quality Barley grass powder can help you improve your health and lose weight more effectively and in a natural manner.

A Good Way to Improve Respiratory Function

Our invigorating Barley Grass Powder is a healthier way to help control and normalize your breathing with its high antioxidant levels and vitamin content.

Boost Your Immunity with Every Serving

Barley Grass Powder contains more Vitamin C than the best-known sources of this immunity-boosting vitamin, including oranges. Being high in Vitamin C, Barley grass powder is your immune system’s best friend. If you’re constantly feeling stressed or fatigued, a few servings of energy-packed Barley Grass Powder can help you to get rid of all your health problems. Barley is also abundant in another immunity friendly nutrient – Copper.

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  • Organic Barley Grass Powder

Directions for Use:

  • Mix 1-2 Scoops with water, juice, smoothie or milk. Or sprinkle on food and dessert as needed.

Made with :


Dairy – Soy – Wheat – Corn – Artificial Sweeteners – Gluten – Colors Artificial Flavors – Preservative – Synthetic Nutrients – Starch – Fillers

Organic Veda® is unique & special:

The premium grade botanical ingredients in our products are fair trade and organically grown from native rich soil of western ghats, himalayas and tropical regions of India. Thus Organic Veda®ensures the most nutritious, 100% pure, non-polluted, chemical free & pesticide free, superior quality plants. The finest leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, roots and fruits are ethically hand harvested at their peak & naturally cool dried to retain all the amazing nutritional potency, freshness, original color, aroma, taste and flavors of all our wonderful ingredients.

Personalized expert guidance for the right package of herbs, supplements and superfoods.

ORGANIC VEDA® products are produced in our certified organic farms and processed in state of the art, GMP,  ISO 22000, ECOCERT Organic and US FDA registered facilities. Our products are certified for USDA, EU Organic standards and proved to excel in both our own lab and 3rd party lab tested for Authenticity, Potency, Purity and Safety.

ORGANIC VEDA® – Wellness with Nature

ORGANIC VEDA® is an innovative pioneer in promoting the health and well-being of Global community through an assortment of scientifically validated, result-oriented herbal supplements and organic superfoods. These are gifted by Mother Nature and backed by time-honored Ayurveda, Siddha principles & authentic ancient health science. Our journey towards wholeness begins with nurturing the highest quality pure organic ingredients. Our seed to shelf traceability manufacturing approach ensures that our ingredients preserve their freshness, nutritional potency & bioactive constituents. Our focus is on creating the purest yield from the organically grown plants, which has a priceless relationship with its native soil from the Western Ghats and tropical regions of India. Thus we directly work with our farmers to ensure environmentally-friendly farming practices, organic inputs, grow native crops and use a clean water supply. We are committed to integrity and the wellness of people, our communities’ wellness, and the welfare of the environment by uplifting the biodiversity of the farmland without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides in the farming practices. Our seed to shelf traceability manufacturing start right from seeding, training farmers, certified organic farming, inputs, harvest, and every stage of the production process, to final packaging, directly quality controlled by us. Every product batch is guaranteed for potency, purity, authenticity, and safety by Independent laboratory testing. By opting ORGANIC VEDA®, Fabricate a healthy future with us!

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