Fair Trade


We understand that we have a liability to support a higher standard of living and sustainable future for the people who greatly support our organic products. AGF is committed to offering one of the most extensive selections of Fair Trade products. Products bearing the Fair-trade mark or logo, including Fair-trade herbs and spices, must meet international standards that are set by the certification body Fair-trade International. These standards are agreed in consultation between members of the Fair-trade scheme. Research by academic institutions is used to assist in compiling the standards. By choosing Fair-trade products, you are helping to make a significant difference to the lives of farmers and workers in under-developed regions who may otherwise face poverty and hardship. 

All of our wonderful Fair-trade herbs and spices are sourced directly from certified small and medium producer groups in India. Our Fair Trade helps farmers and workers gain access to capital, set fair values for their products, and make liberal decisions about how to best improve their business, their community, and their product.  

We support farmers, bringing them together to develop the condition and productivity of their farm by turning to environmentally friendly farming practices, adhering to Organic principles and respecting the local ecological ethics. These farming practices enrich the soil structure and uplift the biodiversity of the farmland, thereby increasing productivity. Being a Fair-trade company, we also meant to provide producers with security. Farmers are assured a minimum price for all raw materials, independent of market prices and money from Fair-trade premiums are allocated to community development and improving social standards.

Before offering our products to you; we analyzed the taste, the growing conditions of herbs, and the chemical composition. After comparing to several dozen other sources, we are confident we’ve found the purest, best-tasting organic supplements on the market.


Apart from sourcing quality raw materials, our ethics of Purity drive us to encourage plans and practices that improve sustainability and cultural responsibility. These practices allow us to create a sphere of an impact that extends far past the boundaries of our farm — enabling significant meetings between, and bringing greater vitality to plants and people around the world.

Our relationship with our Farmers is long-term and closely knit. We move out and support them with ongoing training and deliberation in organic farming methods while also assisting to conserve the unique ways of life in their communities by offering fair market prices and promoting culturally sensitive practices.

We prepare all our products with an attentive concern of sustainability and environmental stewardship, considering that the most gratifying products are the ones closest to nature.