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Moringa MaxC Powder

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NUTRIENT DENSE ORGANIC WHOLE GREEN SUPERFOOD: The World's most nutritious superfood MORINGA ‘The Miracle Tree,’ now greatly improved strength and easy taste to support your overall health and well being

ENHANCED ABSORPTION SUPERFRUIT AMLA: Moringa with the combination of potent Vitamin C Amla fruit maximizes the whole nutrition absorption of moringa and enhances the body’s natural ability to rid itself of cell-damaging free-radicals, strengthening your immune system while supporting rejuvenation, detoxification, healthy digestion, and youthful vitality. 

PACKED WITH AMAZING NUTRIENTS: Each Moringa Maxi 3g sachet is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Protein & Fibre. 

UPLIFT YOUR HEALTH:  Start your day with increased energy, vitality, clarity, focus with Moringa MaxC. It also supports healthy weight management by increasing the metabolic rate with sustained energy.        


Organic Veda Moringa MaxC powder is a combination of promising superfoods like organic Moringa Leaf, Amla Fruit, and cardamom pod. The mixed superfood ingredients in Moringa Maxi powder helps provide you with the combined benefits of increasing the natural potential to grip the essential vital nutrients. Consuming this powerful combination helps you feel refreshed, revitalized and satiate. It helps improve health and let you have a bouncy and healthy lifestyle. So start replacing your other forms of a healthy diet with our unique Moringa MaxC. Give it a try and go super green! 


It helps to nourish the body and helps and enables you to be healthy. Improve your overall health by consuming Moringa MaxC powder on a regular basis and feel the difference in you! Sustain your health by consuming our best superfood Moringa MaxC, leap into the savor and cherish your body with improved health and energy.  

Blend Your Way towards Better Health with Moringa MaxC:

Mix one sachet daily for twice with Water or Fruit Juice or with your favorite Smoothie. Moringa Maxi are excellent additions to smoothies, lattes, yogurts, juices, soups or any food or drink to add potent nutrition and exciting flavors to it!

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