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Delicious & Nutritious Wholefood Powder

Organicveda Kale Powder is made by grounding carefully-selected Organic Kale Leaves into a fine powder in our state-of-the-art facility. Packed with an extensive array of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fatty acids, Kale Powder can help you improve almost every function of your body naturally. Every dose delivers a powerful punch of some of the most potent nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, along with beneficial plant compounds like Beta Carotene and Quercetin. Our Kale Powder is an excellent way to naturally boost your body’s detoxification processes, support cardiovascular health, improve stamina & energy levels, immunity, and aid digestion. The natural antioxidants help eliminate harmful free radicals, protect your body from oxidative damage, and help you achieve healthy and radiant skin from within. This finest-quality, 100% Real Kale Powder is the most convenient way to reap all the amazing benefits of this superfood without the mess.

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  • Loaded with powerful vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and antioxidants
  • Ethically grown, low temperature-dried for maximum nutrient retention
  • Quick absorbing and gentle on stomach*
  • Support healthy detoxification and cleansing*
  • A nutritional powerhouse for supporting digestion, brain function & immunity *
  • Nourishes skin and promotes skin health*
  • Helps to alkalize the body*
  • Supports heart health*
  • Supports overall bone health*
  • Promotes healthy weight management*

Real, Healthy Superfood Powder to Improve Your Heart Health

Nutrients like vitamin C, Vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids in our 100% Organic Kale Powder help to boost cardiovascular function and overall heart health. Kale Powder contains naturally-occurring antioxidants and potent healthy-inflammatory agents that can help boost circulation and support healthy heart function.

Kale Powder Is a Nutritional Powerhouse

Kale is one of the finest sources of a powerful antioxidant called Beta Carotene. On a ‘gram for gram’ basis, Kale powder has more calcium than in Milk, more vitamin A than in spinach and other green leafy vegetables, and more Vitamin C than in oranges. The nutrient-dense whole food powder is abundant in healthy fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, phytochemicals, and sulfur.

Boost Your Brain Performance and Cognitive Function

The structure of brain cells is made of specialized fats called sphingolipids. Vitamin K and Omega 3s are some of the most crucial nutrients required for the formation of sphingolipids. Our 100% Organic Kale Powder is a natural source of these brain-enhancing nutrients. What’s more, this all-natural superfood powder is rich in iron, Vitamin B6, and folate. These are the essential nutrients to maintain proper dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.

Natural Eye Support for Healthy Eyes and Better Vision

Kale Powder is naturally abundant in Vitamin A and two crucial nutrients called Zeaxanthin and Lutein that can help improve your eye health and provide better eyesight.

Promotes healthy-Inflammatory Response

Our Kale powder has Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in a perfect ratio. These healthy fats have been shown to reduce unhealthy inflammation, which may help to relieve a variety of painful conditions.

Superior Bone Health Support

With healthy amounts of Calcium and Vitamin K, this all-natural supplement is a fantastic choice for supporting and protecting bone health. Whether you’re a seasonal athlete or a busy entrepreneur, Kale powder supplementation can help strengthen your bone matrix, improve calcium absorption, and help reduce the amount of calcium excreted by your body.

Boost Your Immunity

The abundance of Vitamin C present in our premium quality Kale Powder can help boost your immunity levels. Additionally, Kale is rich in several other immunity-boosting nutrients such as Folate and antioxidants. These powerful nutrients work together to boost your immune function and keep it in top gear at all times.

Lose Unhealthy Weight and Get In Shape Naturally  

Kale powder is an extremely low-calorie superfood. It delivers an entire spectrum of nutrients and helps you lose weight without starving yourself. The appetite suppressant effect of Kale Powder comes from the high amount of fiber in it. Consuming dietary fiber has been linked to reduced appetite as you will feel fuller for longer and experience no hunger pangs.

Get Rid Of Digestive Issues

The high amount of dietary fiber in Kale Powder helps improve the digestive system and colon health. The indigestible fiber feeds the probiotics (health-friendly gut bacteria) to keep digestion related issues at bay. Moreover, the high fiber content in Kale Powder promotes the feeling of fullness and satiety, which can help you avoid unhealthy foods and reach your weight loss goals faster than ever.

Detox and Cleanse

Kale Powder is loaded with potent detoxifying and cleansing nutrients. Besides natural antioxidants and vitamins, Kale powder has two key nutrients, namely sulfur and glucosinolates. These are very effective for removing harmful toxins from the body.

Complete Nutrition Support to Achieve Your Optimum Health and Well-Being

These are limitless ways to add our delicious and flavorful Kale Powder to your everyday routine. It has an amazing mixability and blends effortlessly with anything you want. Mix it in your smoothies, shakes, stews, or salads and elevate their taste and nutritional value instantly. Whether you’re professional athletes, hardcore bodybuilder, entrepreneur, or just an average individual who wants to enjoy good health, our Kale Powder is an all in one supplement for you.

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  • Organic Kale Powder

Directions for Use:

  • Mix 1 serving with water or juice in a lidded jar and shake briskly, or add to your favourite smoothie.

Made with :


Dairy – Soy – Wheat – Corn – Artificial Sweeteners – Gluten – Colors Artificial Flavors – Preservative – Synthetic Nutrients – Starch – Fillers

Organic Veda® is unique & special:

The premium grade botanical ingredients in our products are fair trade and organically grown from native rich soil of western ghats, himalayas and tropical regions of India. Thus Organic Veda®ensures the most nutritious, 100% pure, non-polluted, chemical free & pesticide free, superior quality plants. The finest leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, roots and fruits are ethically hand harvested at their peak & naturally cool dried to retain all the amazing nutritional potency, freshness, original color, aroma, taste and flavors of all our wonderful ingredients.

Personalized expert guidance for the right package of herbs, supplements and superfoods.

ORGANIC VEDA® products are produced in our certified organic farms and processed in state of the art, GMP,  ISO 22000, ECOCERT Organic and US FDA registered facilities. Our products are certified for USDA, EU Organic standards and proved to excel in both our own lab and 3rd party lab tested for Authenticity, Potency, Purity and Safety.

Product Specification & Testing

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ORGANIC VEDA® – Wellness with Nature

ORGANIC VEDA® is an innovative pioneer in promoting the health and well-being of Global community through an assortment of scientifically validated, result-oriented herbal supplements and organic superfoods. These are gifted by Mother Nature and backed by time-honored Ayurveda, Siddha principles & authentic ancient health science. Our journey towards wholeness begins with nurturing the highest quality pure organic ingredients. Our seed to shelf traceability manufacturing approach ensures that our ingredients preserve their freshness, nutritional potency & bioactive constituents. Our focus is on creating the purest yield from the organically grown plants, which has a priceless relationship with its native soil from the Western Ghats and tropical regions of India. Thus we directly work with our farmers to ensure environmentally-friendly farming practices, organic inputs, grow native crops and use a clean water supply. We are committed to integrity and the wellness of people, our communities’ wellness, and the welfare of the environment by uplifting the biodiversity of the farmland without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides in the farming practices. Our seed to shelf traceability manufacturing start right from seeding, training farmers, certified organic farming, inputs, harvest, and every stage of the production process, to final packaging, directly quality controlled by us. Every product batch is guaranteed for potency, purity, authenticity, and safety by Independent laboratory testing. By opting ORGANIC VEDA®, Fabricate a healthy future with us!

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