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Moringa Oil

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Moringa oil is packed with all vital nutrients. It has numerous benefits and is used for a wide variety of purposes from centuries. Moringa Seeds are cold pressed to extract immense versatile oil. Moringa oil, otherwise known as “Ben” oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and healthy saturated fats. The Moringa seed oil is clear, slightly pale in color, and odorless. Among the most nutritional skin-friendly oils out there, moringa oil is unique as it does not turn rancid due to the high concentration of anti-oxidants present in the oil. 


Moringa oil is used diversely to support healthy skin and hair. Moringa oil along with vitamins and minerals contains the most impressive nutritional content of flavonoids, phenols, and sterols. Especially contains oleic acid, vital for the moisturizing effect and glowing skin. Moringa oil has a good concentration of oleic acid around 72 percent which helps it penetrate deep within the skin and supply it with necessary nutrients. It helps lock in moisture making the skin soft and supple, and it is excellent to support hair strengthening and great for scalp massage.  It contains a good quantity of vitamin C, A, Which supports overall skin health.


  • Moringa Emollient property -  acts an excellent moisturizer for the skin*
  • The good carrier of aromatic compounds*
  • Moringa oil helps smoothens and softens dry skin*
  • Moringa oil is easily absorbed and also acts as a protective barrier on the skin.
  • The antioxidants in oleic acid help reduce oxidative damage and slow down the aging process*
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin*
  • Helps firms and tightens your look*


We use oil to help maintain the health and strength of our hair. Moringa oil is especially beneficial in this process. Moringa oil is a natural moisturizer, and with its excellent absorption quality and host of nutrients, it helps the scalp remain in prime condition. Vitamins A, B present in moringa oil helps the roots of the hair and make it grow strong, long and healthy.


This unique oil with its numerous properties is found to be perfect to use in an array of cosmetics. It is an excellent moisturizer, cleanser, and emollient. Its ability to absorb aroma makes it very useful for aromatherapy and massage oils. It blends well with other essential oil and is an excellent base for cosmetic products. 


Moringa oil can be used for various purposes, and regular usage has shown benefits in skin and hair. Enjoy the wonderful soothing moringa oil to help keep skin and hair nourishing and healthy.

  • Can be used as a night cream
  • Few drops on the scalp and a light massage will be very soothing support for your scalp and hair
  • It can be used as a before bath massage oil which will help nourish skin and make it smooth and soft
  • Moringa oil is edible for cooking and, Moringa oil can be used in recipes which require nutty flavors, a healthy choice to use in fries and salads. However, it is not recommended for cooking due to its high demand and low production. It is excellent for use in frying due to its high burning point, and it also works great for use in things like salad dressings.

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