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Quality Guarantee

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We go through a multilevel quality check approach to provide the guarantee to the consumers
so that they can have the utmost confidence and trust in consuming our products. 


Supporting the non-GMO movement is the very core of our mission and AGF has been very agile in GMO labeling efforts. Our products come with a guarantee that no toxic substances, pesticides, chemicals, irradiation or GMOs are used in our product. And no antibiotics, wheat, and gluten are given to livestock. 


AGF demands microbiological testing on every product batch to ensure it is free from pathogens and is safe to move forward to the next processor level. This includes the examination of raw substances we use, and on every finished product.


We examine every batch of our products to ensure compliance for heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury using independent laboratories. 


Organic Veda ensures to provide the product with maximum quality, safety, and efficacy. After our supplements are manufactured, labeled and sealed, we take things further by approaching the products to the third party testing, an independent testing lab to test on the products to ensure for its safety, purity, and potency. Third party testing also checks whether the ingredients used in our products are pure, safe and added in the appropriate amounts as listed on our labels.


Purity: We analyze every plant ingredients part like seeds, flowers, leaves, stems, and rhizomes to ensure that the vital bioactive constituents are pure and preserved. We concentrate on the package to preserve the product with all the vital nutrients and with retained freshness and potency.  

Potency: Potency can be only protected when we maintain the accuracy in all the phases of a process to assure that the highest levels of purity and stability have been preserved. We make sure to the highest potency of our botanicals from the farming to harvesting, drying and correct level of concentration of ingredients. Our botanicals are processed under gentle low-temperature drying to retain their maximum level of potency. 

Authenticity: Nowadays, the research on the authenticity of organic supplement and raw substance has been spotted as an important scenario. We build our products with a broad assortment of right standard culinary herb varieties.  The proper selection of herbs plays a vital role in enhancing the right health benefits of a particular product. We pick the right authentic botanicals with the right proportion along with the selection of virtuous parts of the herbs like roots, seeds, leaves, or flowers.

Safety: All our products do NOT CONTAIN DAIRY - SOY - WHEAT - CORN  ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - GLUTEN - COLORS - ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS - PRESERVATIVE - SYNTHETIC NUTRIENTS - STARCH – FILLERS. Every product tested and guaranteed to free from toxins, impurities, irradiation, sterilization, additives, pesticides, microbiological and heavy metals contamination. We look at every level of a process with great care and deliver a pure hygienic and safe product.