Seed To Shelf


We proffer the right approach and maintain accountability from the origin of seeds, farming, inspecting, harvesting, processing, testing and packing to deliver the right quality product to the consumers. For the speedy processing of raw materials, and to preserve their nutritional value, we guide farmers to build a sustainable farming model. We visually capture each manufacturing processes of the product journey to maintain the point of the integrity of the product and ensuring that our products are always packed fresh. All our products undergo strict safety, and quality control checks to ensure that only pure and potent products reach our customers.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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Seed to Shelf


The proper selection of herbs plays a vital role in enhancing the right health benefits of a particular product. We pick the right ingredients with the right proportion along with the selection of virtuous parts of the herbs like roots, seeds, leaves, or flowers.


It is essential to follow proper harvesting techniques to minimize crop damage and quality deterioration. Regarding the harvest approach, we estimate the site-specific yield and optimal harvest timing to help the plant reaches its high potency and is handpicked at the peak of freshness, nutrition, and flavor.


The processing methods like drying, grinding and blending of ingredients are done in a pure, authentic way to enhance its effectiveness. To ensure our consumers to build confidence in consuming our products, we provide them with the approach of following authentic method and testing.


We aim to boost biodiversity which promotes productivity and flexibility and contributes to a healthy certified farming system to deliver products that support optimal health with high quality, an organic, effective formulation which are entirely reliable to organic search statistics.


Organic Veda follows good manufacturing practices, laboratory, state-of-the-art analytical facilities, multilevel quality check approach, and documentation practices that assure a high level of consistency in quality results and provide the guarantee to the consumers.


Surprisingly, our supplements remain fresh and retain most of its health benefits, even after sitting on shelves for several months and are ideal for regular consumption and enhance one's well-being to a great extent. Our mission is to offer these amazing, healthy supplements available to you at the lowest price.