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Fenugreek Capsules

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FENUGREEK CAPSULES: Fenugreek is an Asiatic herb with aromatic seeds. It is used around the world as a culinary spice and food that is traditionally used to soothe the stomach. Now packed it capsule form to reap its benefits easily. 

FENUGREEK AND MORINGA BLEND: Our fenugreek capsule along with the blend of nutritional moringa helps the body to acquire the comprehensive benefits of fenugreek capsule. 

POWERFUL 1200mg VEGETARIAN CAPSULES: At Organic Veda, we formulated organic fenugreek with a proportion of moringa into our easy-to-swallow veggie capsules that pack 1200 mg of fenugreek in each serving. 

FENUGREEK CAPSULES FOR LACTATING MOTHERS: Fenugreek is classified as a potent herb which effectively helps to increase production of breast milk. Fenugreek also contains some essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals like magnesium which in turn helps in providing the improved quality of milk. It also supports women's health in many ways. Fenugreek enhanced with Moringa promotes the maternal serum prolactin level which is very important in the production of mother’s milk along with helping to increase the quality of milk generated.

FENUGREEK FOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Fenugreek is a strongly flavored seed generally used to add a shot of flavor to your meal. It is a warming spice that helps strengthen the digestive system and supports proper breaking down of food and helps maintain a comfortable digestive experience. Fenugreek is primarily used around the world as a culinary spice that is soothing to the stomach. 

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